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Finally I was banned !!! :D

Words fail me to describe you how glad and happy I am that finally, for the first time in my life I was banned from a tech forum… 🙂

After almost 15 years on the Net, with hundreds of bug reports, bug fixes, community contributions and community members help behind my back and no actual problems with any of the numerous *nix communities out there…. the miracle happened … I was banned by someone from the PCLinuxOS forums 🙂
Here is the explanation:
Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Rudeness on forum -- inappropriate posting

I really should thank those guys ’cause up till now i have not experienced the feelings of being banned 🙂 And that adds a valuable experience to my life 🙂 Thanks guys… Really….

Now beside these facts, I cannot restrain from writing some comments on this anyway…

It all started with a simple and very innocent bug report about a misbehaving gdb and cmake packages… It was properly written and having some suggestions for fixing them… This was followed by comments of two members on how i am wrong and how i should read the docs of the distro… That was a good suggestion if those docs were easily accessible 🙂
Anyway i tried to explain again the issue and i used a link to my PlexyDesk RPM spec file just as reference. Of course i was angry that the people answering did not at all read carefully what i have explained… Then i was accused of a bad attitude, rudeness etc etc sins…
Yeah i may have a different attitude but who has not? Do they expected me kissing their as*es and begging them? Nah.. they cannot be so blindfolded…
Anyway someone with a nickname Neal (and thousands of posts) decided to do an “analysis” of my spec, though no one asked him for that… Nothing wrong with that since i am very opened to constructive critics… Anyway when we cut out the obvious superficial read of the specs by Neal.. and his obvious nagging notes on “problems” with the spec…. The only actual problem was that in the comments inside the spec file i had a typo PCLinux and not PCLinuxOS :D… That is great isn’t it…
Next some member started to explain me how i cannot enter any house (implying theirs) and start rearranging without any permission :D…. LOL… this is what i call relevance :)… This person obviously forgets that “their house” is actually a COMMUNITY HOUSE with a lot of members…. but i guess that is part of this distro’s fanbois attitude

Anyway all this only shows how things even in the *nix world can be mangled to a state that has nothing to do with the original ideas about freedom and stuff…

So here is what i want to tell those guys… I do not plan wasting my time emailing them or anything like that… so i post here in order other users to be able to read it and draw their conclusions for themselves…

1. Banning someone from a tech support forum for whatever reason(except spamming of course) is not right. It is not right because it shows weakness in the first place. It shows that one cannot handle other people’s opinion or suggestions… that one has problems with himself :)… It shows narrow mind also… And not to mention the total uselessness of this action… Do you guys think i cannot come back with another fresh email account and through the million proxies that Tor or any other anon service offers? What about my dynamic IP that my ISP has? 🙂 Hmm nah.. this is stupid and immature…
2. Banning someone is not like turning the light off 😛 You cannot pretend your problems are non existent… I already told you about the ostrich that pushes its head into the sand and thinks its perfectly safe… but we all know where its bottom is :D… You cannot run away your distro’s problems by banning… on the contrary… you can just help your distro to fade out eventually… ’cause even fanbois have versatile interests 🙂 especially when something starts to behave abnormally…
3. God does not speak through you, neighter the world starts and ends with you….(Same goes for anyone else incl. me)… And… Welcome to the real world and get real… get a life… Anyway…
….. I could write a lot more… but i do not see any use in that…

So a couple of notes on the distro….:
1. Total Mandriva clone… They claim it is not like Mandriva… but actually they use almost every good code of it… the problem is that they do amend it inappropriately and this creates problems… not for the ordinary user of course…
2. Nothing special about this distro… It offers KDE and xfce as a whole… i.e. something you can get from all other distros out there..
3. The distro configuration manager is totally one to one with the Mandriva Config centre
4. The packaging system is so much amended that it gives quite a heck for an outside dev to be sure his spec will work as expected on the next distro’s version… i.e. very inconvenient for developers
5. Very low popularity of the distro meaning bad support and a lot of problems… You may find this post useful too, though it is outdated, but almost everything in it counts nowadays too…
6. Creepy attitude by the developers and by most of the community members
7. Since i tested it on a real PC i do not find any difference in speed or whatever compared to the other more popular distros like Gentoo, Mandriva, Ubuntu etc… There are plenty of reviews on the net about this… Here is one.. and if you read its comments you will get much better picture of its community attitude 🙂

So because all of these I dropped building/testing support of PlexyDesk for this distro…

Not that it will be of any lost to us or to them… but I really do not intend to waste my time doing any fanbois’ job 🙂

There is more tech info here.

Feel free to comment 🙂

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