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About Amarok and KDE4…

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It is a pity that Amarok from the best Linux music player (v1.x) turns into one of the many music players out there for Linux…

But I understand it is not entirely by your fault… It was inevitable when you follow the KDE development and since the crap named KDE4 all this is going totally messed up and wrong, and finally will end up in oblivion.

What i do not understand is why should one start something almost from scratch in order to make some “nice” looking GUI and buggy not fully functional code, as he still has not fixed all the bugs and functionality in the old working version (this counts both for Amarok and KDE4). Is the reason for this to show the world that one may code or that one is a great developer? And where are the users’ opinion and ideas? You always say this or that new feature is better and usability is much better… OK, all this is better, but to whom it is better? To your users or to you the developers?

Because once you used to listen to your users… I still remember a version of Amarok that suddenly changed the GUI and because the users were totally disappointed, this version didn’t make it at all. What is now going on…. You find every reason to say how great you cope with the “new” development…. but we all know that there will be at least an year time to fix all bugs and introduce all old features to this new code…. Who do you lie infact …?

According to me one should do big steps when he is ready for that, and he should do it in small stages…. And you are not ready, neighter KDE is ready

Sorry if my opinion sounds to you too rude or inappropriate but I am really disappointed by Amarok2 and KDE4 as a whole… which makes me switch to GNOME (no matter how much i do not like it)…

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